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Our Approach

We know that clients want lawsuits handled quickly, economically and successfully by knowledgeable and experienced attorneys. Our firm exists to meet those needs. We call it practicing law better.

We also know that quality legal work requires extensive and successful trial experience. Our three most experienced attorneys have tried more than 100 cases each, including numerous jury trials.

Our extensive experience also provides us with greater familiarity with judges in the Greater New Orleans area, which allows us to give sound advice based not only on the facts and law, but also on the more practical aspects of handling a particular case before a particular judge.

Our main goal is to move cases to a quick and successful conclusion. We strive to combine the litigatorís desire to win with the clientís belief that the only good file is a closed file.

We also believe that litigation need not be costly. Our goal is to place cases into a posture for evaluation as soon as possible and as economically as possible. Thereafter, we inform our client of what we believe will be the proper and most efficient method of resolution, as well as possible exposure. Sometimes that means that cases must be tried, and as experienced litigators, we have the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain good trial results.

Judges know that we don't waste their time or our client's money by trying cases that should be settled. We also attempt to streamline cases by filing partial summary judgments and other motions to resolve issues prior to trial. We have found that judges and clients appreciate narrowing issues by summary judgment because it saves time and money, and reduces the possibility of jury confusion.

Our firm is also known for its diversity. Our employment policy assures equal opportunity and treatment regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, national origin, or physical disability.