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Our best reference is also our biggest client. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, in a break with a 15-year local business practice, allowed Randy Evans to take State Farm files assigned to him from his prior firm. State Farm continues to assign new files to Evans & Clesi on a regular basis. Since the firm’s inception in 1994, we have added a large number of other clients, including

  • Elevating Boats, LLC
  • State Farm Fire & Casualty Company
  • State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  • State of Louisiana Office of Risk Management
  • Great Lakes Casualty Ins. Co.
  • American Family Mutual Ins. Co.
  • Flying J. Trucking Co.
  • Numerous small businesses 

Clients choose law firms for many reasons. The primary reasons why clients choose our firm are experience, knowledge and ability. A number of clients have expressed additional reasons why they have chosen Evans & Clesi:

Responsiveness.” Clients should not be ignored. All of our clients compliment the responsiveness of our attorneys and staff. Responsiveness begins by simply returning a client’s phone call and ends by giving each client personal attention. Our firm’s policy is that all client phone calls are returned within three hours.

Understanding.” Understanding our client’s business, needs, goals and concerns is critical for good customer service. By developing an understanding relationship with our clients, we are able to offer legal representation that is truly client-focused, not only in the options presented, but also in the result achieved.

Fair billing policies.” Clients use our firm because our attorneys are always cost conscious, avoid unnecessary work, and our bills are fair. We’re not interested in creating a big bill on the file we are handling at the moment. That’s not our profit motivation. What motivates us is knowing that when we do a good job at a fair price, our clients will want us to handle more files.